8 Early Fibroid Symptoms you shouldn’t ignore

fibroid symptoms

Fibroid Symptoms, What are the common signs and symptoms of fibroid? , How do you know if you are suffering from fibroid? These are commonly asked questions about Uterine Fibroid.

Uterine fibroid, also known as leiomyoma or fibroid is a benign tumor containing fibrous tissue which grows on the walls of the uterus. Most women have no symptoms while others may have painful or heavy periods that may cause anemia and severe damage to nearby organs. Approximately 20% – 80% of women develop fibroids by age 50. Although it’s still unclear why it appears so, research has revealed that fibroids are more prevalent in African American women, women who are overweight and 8-33% women during their childbearing years.

Fibroid Symptoms

Not all women with fibroid have symptoms. However, when symptoms do occur, they may include:

Heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding
Excessive vaginal discharge in addition to your regular menstrual cycle could be quite troublesome if proper care is not being taken by you. If you face heavy bleeding in between your normal periods that do not last for a long time then it is not necessary that you have some critical disease. This might be a fibroid symptom to watch out for.

Pelvic pressure and pain
This symptom is most common in women with larger fibroid, and pelvic pain severity depends on where the fibroid are located.

Frequent urge to urinate
Larger fibroids dose not only cause put pressure on the pelvic but also on the bladder. Unfortunately, this puts pressure on the bladder causing a frequent urge to urinate.

Some other symptoms and signs of fibroids are; Problem with pregnancy and fertility, Abnormal Spotting between periods, Low iron count (Anaemia), Constipation, Severe pain during sexual intercourse.

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